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Ultimate guide on how to remove permanent marker from white board

Hello Readers! 

Are you struggling to remove permanent marker from your white board? Stay with me for the next 10 min. I am here to show you the proven results.

Today I am here to help you with the solution to your problem and to get rid of permanent marker from white board. Many of us buy white board for various purposes. Example, for usage in educational institutions, office use to increase productivity, home use for brainstorming and white board for kids. Usually recommended white board markers are dry erase markers but not permanent markers.

But due to various reasons we tend to use permanent marker for leaving the written text for a longer period. And when we tend to erase the permanent marker text they don’t erase and we start to baffle for the best ways on how to remove permanent marker from white board on the web and taking suggestions from others.

Today should be the last day to your search and follow these 5 simple steps to get rid of permanent marker for white board at affordable price at the comfort of your home.

5 Steps to remove permanent marker from white board

  1. Gather all the necessary cleaning essentials
  2. Coverup the permanent marker with dry erase marker
  3. Use the Dry eraser or standard pencil eraser
  4. Make use of Rubbing Alcohol
  5. Wipe the Surface Clean & Enjoy a New Experience

1. Gather all the necessary cleaning essentials

Don’t be panic, I am not hear to list some expensive cleaning essentials that are costlier than your magnetic white board, just the affordable cleaning products that are mostly available at your home. The necessary cleaning essentials are – dark color dry erase marker, standard white board eraser (preferably older one), standard pencil eraser, rubbing alcohol (if not nail polish remover or sanitizer), cotton swab or cloth and paper towel. It’s a good practice to have all the above listed items in handy so that you don’t feel stressed and difficult cleaning the marks. If tools are handy you feel like erasing a dry erase marker and just relax in no time.


Make sure to use the above essentials such as cotton swab, white board eraser, pencil eraser, without dust (sandy hard particles) that could leave scratches on your writing surface (if any hard particles).

2. Coverup the permanent marker with dry erase marker

Sounds weird? Just wait

It’s time to get started with removing permanent marker on your white board. Don’t worry its going to be very easy than you think. Get the dry erase marker and start scribbling over the permanent marks so that your permanent marks are covered by dry erase marker. Simply follow the next step to see partial results.

3. Use the Dry eraser or standard pencil eraser

Note: It’s recommended to use old dry eraser and old pencil eraser for this purpose as you no longer be able to use them for any purpose. This could be an end to its usage (Any way cost of dry eraser and pencil eraser is less than the cost of magnetic white board).

Start erasing the white board with dry eraser firmly with steady pressure. You will see most of the marks been removed after erasing. If not, you need to rub little harder with the dry eraser and clean the marks. As a result, you will see flecks of dried ink scattered across the board and your eraser gets saturated due to ink.

If you still see marks on the white board repeat the process by vigorously erasing after some time. Even at this stage if you find that the surface has still marks on it. Don’t worry, trust me and follow the further steps. Working little harder on removing marks saves you lot of money.

Now its better to try out different eraser. i.e., normal pencil eraser that has the capability to erase small permanent marks that are still on your white board. As already insisted, please use old pencil erasers as you no longer be able to use them further. Any way the cost of normal pencil eraser is not more than magnetic white board. It’s easy to use small pencil eraser to clean small spots of your permanent marker. You will definitely find worth using both of these erasers.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No, I can still see marks on my white board. Don’t baffle around I am going to show you another powerful technique to remove permanent marker from white board.

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4. Make use of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is the best and powerful solution to your problem. Start applying rubbing alcohol to your writing board where permanent marks are present with the help of cotton swab or pad. As already mentioned, you can either use nail polish or sanitizer that has considerable amount of alcohol will be suitable for this purpose. Always rub the surface of white board in either circular motion or back & forth motion with your chosen substance. We have seen almost 98% of success rate with this method on any dry erase surface.

If you can still see permanent marks on your writing surface, try applying more alcohol to your substance and repeat the process again. If the permanent marks on your board are left for longer you need extra efforts to remove them (such as repeating the process multiple times). Most of the boards require just one good scrub to get rid of the permanent marks.

Hopefully most of the marks should be removed from your writing surface.

5. Wipe the Surface Clean & Enjoy a New Experience

Considering that most all of the marks of your permanent marker have been removed, the only necessary step you need to follow is wipe the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining wetness or residuum. Now let the writing board sit for open air for about 15 – 20 min before proceeding to normal use or adding magnetics to your magnetic white board.

There are many white board solutions available online and in stores. But the ultimate solution contains alcohol that is very effective in removing permanent marks from your white board. So rather than purchasing unnecessary permanent mark remover its best to make use of handy solutions and tricks listed above.

This is an ultimate guide that has helped many of our clients over the problem of how to remove permanent marker from white board. If this really solves your problem. Check out best white board markers in 2021.


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